Below, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Forum.

What do I do if my question is not included?

Fill out the form on the right-hand side of your screen. You will receive a reply asap. Should you need an immediate answer, please contact the rental agency.


I want to rent an apartment, what do I do?

Check whether you meet the income criteria. If you do, fill out the online registration form and upload the necessary documents. You will get a message from the rental agent if you are selected for an apartment.

What are the income criteria for renting?

To qualify for a property, you must meet the following guidelines.

  • Minimum gross monthly wage of 3,25 – 3,5 x the monthly rent. In case of two incomes, the second income may be included for the full 100 percent.
  • Retired: minimum gross monthly wage of 3.5x the monthly rent.
  • Self-employed, entrepreneur or director/majority shareholder: call the agent for an exact calculation.


Can I apply for housing benefit?

The Forum apartments are private sector apartments. It is not possible to apply for housing benefit. You can only apply for housing benefit for social sector rental properties with a maximum rental price of € 720.42 (price level 2019).

Do social benefits count as income and are they included in the calculation?

Social benefits, if these are a 2nd income, are included in the calculation. Please ask the rental agency for more information.

How many people can live in the apartment?

The resident (s) must belong to one family.The income check considers the main income plus 100 percent of the 2nd income in case you have a partner. Once you have moved in, the resident(s) must register with the municipal personal records database.

How are the apartments allocated?

Based on availability.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 1 year. After this period you can give notie per the 1st of next month + 1 month. For example: on 19th April, you give notice. The agreement will subsequently be terminated on 1st June.

Will I pay services charges in addition to the rental price?

Yes, the service costs are € 75 per month.

Where do I park in Forum?

There are 78 parking spaces available in the Albert Heijn parking garage. The rental of a parking space is a maximum of € 127 per month, excluding service costs. This rental price includes a discount, which is applicable for ten years (ask the rental agent for the conditions). Are you interested in a parking space? Then you can indicate this via the online registration system Woningdossier.

Renting is smart and convenient! Why?

As a tenant, you know where you stand. No unexpected costs, no financial risks, no devaluation. And maintenance? Not your concern. Repairs are taken care of for you.

What is +James?

+ James is a unique service concept, exclusively for residents of FORUM. A permanent team, familiar faces, present almost the entire week! Expecting your family, but not yet at home? + James must let them in. If you have a repair request or question about the building, then + James will solve it for you. Of course + James is also available every day for a chat, to call a taxi, or to water the plants when you are on vacation.

Which documents do I need to include with the registration form?
  • Copy valid ID of applicant and possible second applicant
  • Statement by landlord/administrator/owner/mortgage holder of current residence, confirming good payment history. If living in, please supply an extract from the municipal records database.
  • Employer’s declaration(s)
  • Certified copy of employment history and wage details from the UWV. Click here to see how you can request this document: Handleiding UWV formulier aanvragen DigiD (only in Dutch). Bear in mind that you can only request this document with your DigiD.
  • Annual statement last year
  • In case of benefits: copy of benefit grant
  • In case of divorce: divorce agreement
  • Extract from the municipal records database

For the self-employed, entrepreneurs, director/majority shareholders also include:

  • Recent audit report with balance sheet and profit/loss account for the past 2 years
  • Accountant’s forecast for the results epected in the current book year
  • Recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Bank guarantee of at least 3 months
  • IB60 statement

If retired:

Instead of an employer’s declaration and wage slip, please provide copies of last year’s annual statements.

Can parents act as a guarantor?

Yes, parents can act as a guarantor at FORUM if the tenant meets at least 85% of the income standard. When parents act as guarantors, we ask employers ‘declarations from their parents, so that we can see the parents’ income (guarantors), together with a copy ID and extract BRP.

Delivery level

Can I select my own kitchen and/or bathroom?

No. The apartments are fitted with a luxury Keller kitchen with Siemens built-in appliances and a modern bathroom. Check out the floor plans in the brochure.

Can I have laminate flooring installed?

Laminate flooring is allowed, provided the right subfloor is installed.

Do I also have an outdoor shed?

Each house has its own storage room on the third floor where you can place your bicycle. The shed has a light point (42 volts) as standard.

What is the finish on walls and ceiling?

The walls in the living room, hall, bedrooms, are finished with vinyl wallpaper in a neutral color. The ceilings are plastered out. The wall in the toilet above the tiles is painted.

Note: The rough concrete walls in the kitchen/bathroom and the concrete columns are not processed and may not be processed by the tenant.

What is the kitchen like?

Every apartment has a modern Keller kitchen, see the floorplans in the brochure. The cabinets and countertops are white. The Siemens built-in appliances include an induction stove, vent hood, dishwasher, fridge with freezer compartment and a combi microwave.

What is the bathroom like?

You will find the bathroom floorplans in the brochure. Your bathroom has a walk-in shower and/or bath, towel radiator and a large bathroom sink. There is mirror over the sink. The floor tiles are dark gray, the wall tiles a shiny white.

What is the WC like?

It has a wall-mounted toilet and sink. The floor tiles are dark gray, the wall tiles a shiny white.

What kind of heating system is there?

The houses are equipped with radiators i.c.m. district heating. There is a towel radiator in the bathroom.

Does the apartment have a ventilation system?

Each apartment has a mechanical ventilation system. There is a control switch in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Am I allowed to paint the walls?

The walls (with the exception of the rough wall in the kitchen) are fitted with neutral wallpaper. You can make the walls (with the exception of the rough walls and columns!) to your own taste. So you can `sauce` walls or paper them (again). Keep in mind that if you ever decide to leave the house, you must return it to its original state.

 It is not allowed to drill in tiles (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) and the rough walls, columns and floors.

Am I allowed to install sun screens on the outside?

Installing sun screens requires the estate manager’s consent. They can provide you with information on the appropriate model and colour.

Where are the charging points for electric scooters / cyclists?

Electric connection points are made at the location of the mobility scooters (3rd floor next to the James office). In total 5 pieces.

No wall sockets are installed in the storerooms of the houses. The storage areas are on the general meter. Residents must take the battery from their bicycle to the homes to charge it.

How does the flooring campaign work?

The FORUM apartments will be offered including a free floor. This has already been installed, so you can move even faster! There is no choice of color. We have opted for a popular and neutral color floor. The floor remains in the house when tenants leave, it is the property of the renting party. If you have any questions about the floors, please contact us!