Rental started!

Ready in March / April 2020.


Happy Living!

+James will be active at Forum. +James means a complete, one of a kind location service. +James ensures that there is always a team of familiar faces on your location. Your +James team takes your clothes to the dry cleaners and organizes a drink for the residents. Or a summer party in the courtyard, why not? That is also +James. An extra pair of hands to make your daily life more comfortable.

+James is active at Forum from the day you receive the keys of your new home, from Monday till Saturday. The exact time of presence is currently unknown.

In addition, +James is also active online! This makes it easy for you to arrange to steam your clothes, to use shoe repair or domestic help. You can participate in events and even choose your floor covering. A unique service for a unique building!

Happy living means happy people.