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Service manager +James

Happy Living!

Happy Living!
+James is a unique service concept, exclusively for residents of FORUM. A permanent team, familiar faces, present almost the entire week! Expecting your family, but you ar not at home yet? +James will let them in. If you have a repair request or question about the building, then + James will solve it for you and answer your questions. Of course +James is every day  available for a chat, to call a taxi, or to water the plants when you are on vacation.

What does + James do for you in FORUM?
… handles repair requests and resolves repair requests themselves if possible;
… let contractors in and manage them;
… helps with large relocation movements;
… accepts packages for residents and keeps keys safe in management;
… receives visitors for residents;
… is ready for a chat and keeps an eye on things;
… water the plants during vacations;
… offers convenience services, such as from dry cleaning to car wash and from babysitter to relocation service;
… organizes events and small “get-togethers”;
… communicates about any major building failures or defects.

Floor service
What +James can do extra for you in addition to the above is arranging the floor in your new home. Your floor will be delivered and laid in cooperation with the supplier Wijnands Koornstra! You just have to choose the floor and the rest is arranged for you. The floors are of high quality, exceptionally durable and very competitive in price. You can request the prices and examples of the floors via MVGM:

t: 088 432 4080
e: nieuwbouw.rotterdam@mvgm.nl

+James is active at FORUM from Monday to Saturday from the day of delivery of your rental property. The exact times of presence are currently unknown.

Happy living means happy people!